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Cork fabric for the fashion industry

The production consists by adhering thin slices of natural cork onto a fabric or a different support.

Laminated Natural Cork bonded onto fabric is also known as cork fabric or cork leather

The cork fabric can be used for the same applications of leather or textiles: shoes and leather goods manufacturing,furnishing and bookbinding,

We produce laminated cork bonded onto a large variety and types of supports, such as :

-PU coagulated

-Polyester fabrics

-Cotton fabrics


-Non woven

-Bonded leather

The production follows specific recipes based on the characteristics to give to the material such as visual qualities, particular characteristics of hand or technical characteristics

Cork fabric is produced in rolls of height 140 cm or in panels of 100 x 140 cm.

Standard rolls are of 25 or 50 meters length

The material is offered in a wide range of natural textures, colors , treatments and prints,such as : embossing, laser marking, perforations, digital prints,transfer prints, Hand made finishing, metallizing and special color-dye techniques which give the cork a unique and exclusive design

Our technology and experience let us offer a product that is extremely flexible, soft and resistant.

The main objectives include respect for the environment and consumer friendliness. This is achieved by using natural raw materials and completely non-toxic components.

The majority of the raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of our cork fabrics is of natural origin. Cork is dyed and waxed with fully natural, water-based products

Additionally, synthetic materials are used to achieve certain product characteristics.

For the production of cork fabric no heavy metals or their compounds,organic solvents,mineral fibres or formaldehyde are used.

Villani Leonello's cork fabrics are free from substances which could cause harm to the environment or health.

Technical features:

surface: original layer of natural cork

backings: coagulated pu fabric,cotton fabric,polyester fabric,non woven, etc...

size: roll of height 140 cm

Thickness:from 0,4 to 1,1 mm (depending by the backing used)

Following images are some examples of our fabrics (click to enlarge).

For more informations, to see the whole range or request for samples we suggest to call us or sending an email. Our sales team will be happy to reply to all your questions.


Perforated cork fabric

width 130 cm


Perforated cork fabric

width 130 cm


Printed cork fabric

width 140 cm


handmade color dyed cork fabric

width 140 cm


Embossed cork fabric

width 130 cm


natural cork fabric

width 135 cm

Footwear and leather goods

Cork fabric : Basic Catalog


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New cork fabric color swatches


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Footwear and leather goods

Cork fabric : Fashion Catalog


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Cork Fabric for furniture and upholstery manufacturing

The production of cork fabric for furniture and upholstery consists of adhering thin slices of natural cork to a textile base.

Through sophisticated techniques the raw material is transformed into a fabric that is soft as velvet,resistant to stains and scratches, water proof, dust and mite repellent.

For this reasons it is particularly suitable in the production of upholstered sofas,chairs,puff and also in the automotive industry..

Cork fabric can be use for interior design applications only. It is not suitable for outdoor applications.

The cork fabric can be used for the same applications as leather with one fundamental difference : it is a vegetable leather and so ecologic!

In 2004 our company first introduced the cork fabric in world of upholstery and during Decosit exhibition in Bruxelles, Villani Leonello got the Decotec award due to the achievement of a perfect harmony of natural product and technology.

In 2007 Villani's cork was selected by Mercedes Benz and used to decorate the interior of the stunning prototype F-700.

Technical features:

surface: original layer of natural cork

surface treatment: stain/dirt repellent and water resistant

backing: Cotton polyester mixed fabric

size: roll of height 140 cm

Thickness: 0,75 mm approx.

Following images are examples of some creations made with cork fabric (click to enlarge) made from our costumers. WE ONLY PRODUCE CORK FABRIC (TEXTILES).

Cork Fabrics

Some of our cork clothes for use in the manufacturing of upholstery elements.

Cork Puff

Fabric used:103-r13 Natural

Another unique feature of natural cork fabric used to make puff in the shape of cork wine stopper.

Cork Chair

Cork cloth used:93-r13 RawSiena

Cork chair upholsterd with raw siena color cork fabric.

Cork Chair and Puff

Fabric used:93-r13 Natural/Black

Another unique feature of cork fabric used to make chair and puff.

Cork Sofa

Fabric used: 93-r13 Brown

The Cork Sofa, designed by Atelier Matteo.

Mercedes F-700 Prototype

This prototype was presented by Mercedes Benz at Frankfurt Show in 2007.

Mercedes Design Center decided to use our cork fabric for interior paneling.

Mercedes F-700 Interior

Fabric used: 90-r13 Natural

Driver Console details with cork fabric.

Mercedes F-700 Interior

Fabric used: 90-r13 Natural

Doors paneling with cork fabric

Mercedes F-700 Interior

Fabric used: 90-r13 Natural

Doors Paneling and Sushi Bar covered with cork fabric

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Cork fabric : Upholstery and Furniture


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Upholstery and Furniture

Cork fabric : Catalog


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