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Villani Leonello snc is privately held family business specialized in the production and sell of cork fabric, fabrics from natural fibers for use in the manufacturing of footwear, handbags and leather goods.

The company founded in 1991 by Leonello Villani is located at Vinci, in the metropolitan area of Florence (Italy). We became rapidly popular with the development of products created from natural cork and others natural fibers for the fashion market segment.This has been possible by exploiting the peculiarity of flexibility and accuracy that today are the essential conditions to satisfy the customers' requirements.

In 2006, Villani Leonello S.n.c. moved to its current factory in via Limitese 158. This is a family company which is managed with professionalism and passion by Mr Leonello’s children. The main priorities of the company have always been to satisfy the needs of each of our customers as well as maintaining a close relationship with our different suppliers to continue to improve the quality of our products.

The company continues to operate within the historic sector of footwear and leather goods, but it is also attentive to other markets such us furniture and interior design.

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Technology, functionality, emotion and the utmost attention to ethics
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Cork Fabrics

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Natural Fabrics

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Flexible Stone

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Jute Soles

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Respect for the environment. Commitment to research. Investment in the future.
For Villani Leonello, sustainability is not a side effect, but rather a key requirement.


New Cork Seabottle

Recycled polyester Seaqual

combined with Natural Cork

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New Organic and Recycled fabrics

Recycled polyester Seaqual

Organic Cotton fabrics

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