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Jute Soles

Our company has a great experience regarding jute soles for shoes, infact Mr. Leonello Villani started to import jute soles in 1980. We have two factories in Spain cooperating with us in exclusive basis and we are distributing their products. Our suppliers have a thirty years experience in manufacturing jute soles and have an high production potential. The production of jute soles is quite complex. Jute twines are first machine-braided. These braids are then manually formed into the shape of the sole and hydraulically pressed with heat to form the final shape, and completed with vertical stitching. These basic soles are then vulcanized underneath. We offer professional expertise, competitive pricing, timely delivery, speedy sample service. High quality production with high quality components always inspired to the last fashion trends. We cooperate with internationally established italian brands and we also offer the opportunity to create customized products. We also supply natural jute braid and rope.

Our product range includes :

  • Jute Soles : flat or wedge, moulded or vulcanized with rubber/tpu
  • Jute Insoles : kind of flexible insole produced with a propretary system and made exclusively with natural components (jute and latex)
  • Braids : classic and fashion braids made of jute, linen, cotton Normally used to cover platforms and wedges

Our Manufacturing process:



Jute Soles

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Jute Braids



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