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Sustainable Fabrics

Recycled Polyester Seaqual™

It is about recovering plastic waste found in the depths of the ocean by fishermen or by other types of ocean cleaning programs that collect, clean, classify, recycle and return to the production cycle as SEAQUAL™  polymer to be transformed into sustainable materials that our company can be used as a raw material in the production process, obtaining a range of high-quality Polyester articles with recycled fibers.

Recycled cotton

The recycled cotton fibers are obtained from offal and textile garments already used, treated, and reoperated in order to regain their best properties. Using this method we provide a solution to the problem of most textiles once their life cycle ends since it is difficult to find a good application or alternative to the removal of these materials and that it is also environmentally viable.


We have developed a new article using Hemp as the raw material, which is the variety of Cannabis sativa authorized for the industry. Specifically, we have developed a new article whose composition is 60% Cotton and 40% Hemp. Hemp fibers are among the most versatile natural fibers and have evolved a lot with respect to the thick and rough fibers that were decades ago, being able to achieve fabrics of great finesse and flexibility, while presenting great resistance.

Discover our Cork Sea-bottle from marine litter!

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